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Here are some photos of drip irrigation installations in Canada:

Some photos are professional installations and other photos are first-time homeowner systems. The idea is to share the innovations, ideas and the pride you feel when your drip system works well.

Send photos showing details of your drip installation. Doesn't have to be fancy just so it is effective.


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This organic market garden belonged to Tom Leach of Smithers, BC

Dripline is placed on the sandy river soil and transplants are planted at each built-in dripper.

You can see the large-diameter header supply tubing in the foreground and all the individual driplines teed into the supply tubing.


Diana Roberts tries installing drip irrigation herself for the first time last summer. You can see how dry the soil is in her shrub and perennial bed. A simple drip irrigation circuit on a timer solved the problem, the plants now have enough water each day, and Diana saves the time spent watering.

An example of a home greenhouse setup for tomatoes. The large plastic bucket has the bottom removed and sits in a bed of coarse sand for drainage. The bucket is filled with a half-sand / half-greenhouse peat mix, again for good drainage. A 1/2" tubing drip irrigation mainline circles the perimeter of the greenhouse and 1/4" tubing branches are added with a dripper at each bucket.

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