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This page will present case studies of drip irrigation systems that solve unique problems in Canadian gardens. We often have customers who use a lot of innovation and experimenting to adapt a drip irrigation system to a unique garden or to an unusual condition.

Often a case study will demonstrate ideas that we can all use. This page is devoted to bright solutions to growing crops and flowers in a northern climate.

Send your story, with or without photos. Be sure to describe the problems you faced and the solutions.


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Here's a simple solution to starting small transplants. The grower had only heavywall dripline with drippers on 18" centres.

The problem: How to concentrate drip irrigation in a small area to start seedlings or small transplants planted very close together.

The solution: Install dripline close together and stagger the built-in drippers so that the entire row is wetted. In this case, the drippers ended up to be 9" apart in the row and about 6" apart between the driplines. That was sufficient to wet the entire row just beneath the surface.

Alternate solution: The grower could have installed sprayers to keep the soil surface damp for the shallow roots of the small transplants.

Later, the grower removed the extra dripline when the plants were established.


More coming soon


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